Are Bigger Fish Tanks Easier to Maintain?

Are Bigger Fish Tanks Easier To Maintain_Fishkeepup_COM

I guess I am not alone here by searching to pick the right size fish tank? At least, I was confused as some of my friends suggested me to pick the small aquarium whereas other ones suggesting me to buy the big one to start. 

By surfing online, spending few hours on the net I mannerly got the relevant answers and it helped me out to pick the right fish tanks size for my fishes.

Are Bigger Fish Tanks Easier to Maintain? Bigger fist tank provides more life and swims space, which affects health, behavior, reproduction and reduces potential aggressivity. Maintaining the bigger fish tank is easier on the matter of temperature and water conditions. The higher price of the bigger tank is balanced by a variety of fish and plants that can be inherited. Switch from freshwater to saltwater is with a bigger fish tank in the future.

So let’s get the ball rolling and explore if the bigger fish tank is worthed. 

In This Case, The Bigger means The Better

One of the main reasons is the size. Buying small aquariums means to allow the hurdles to creating a fuss for your fishes. As in small fish tanks, you have limited space so the fishes most of the times feel difficulty to swim together or freely. Same like this, a small cramp environment easily makes the fishes aggressive whereas on the other hand in the large aquariums you have a spare that is quite enough to make your fishes healthy and happy. 

Are Bigger Fish Tanks Easier To Maintain?

The second positive factor of the bigger tank is that they are super easy to maintain. Like in aquariums, one of the main concerned is actually to maintain the water condition and temperature. So, larger aquarium tanks allow you the flexible stability to control both accordingly without any asking. Why? Because in larger aquariums it takes a long run for ammonia to spike. Larger tanks play an important role and give your fishes a healthy tolerance as compared to the smaller one. 

Mistakes Which New Aquarist Generally Do

Some of the general mistakes which new fishkeepers do are that they are not able to judge the actual requirements. Let suppose you are the new aquarist, so before going to buy a tank or even fish; make sure to know, which type of fish you are going to buy and like what the requirements of that fish are. 

To give you a small run down for some of the most popular fishes through this you can easily get an idea and aware yourself.

Oscar Around 60 gallons Around 150 gallons
Royal Gramma Around 30 gallons Around 100 gallons
Common Clown Fish Around 10 gallons Around 60 gallons
Green Chromis Around 10 gallons Around 40 gallons
Guppies Around 5 gallons Around 20 gallons
Neon Tetra Around 5 gallons Around 15 gallons

So make sure that you are not doing this mistake, like buying a starter or small tank is not a problem the problem is to put an Oscar fish in that starter. As Oscar needs more space so instead of hurting or reducing the life span of your fishes, make sure to buy a larger fish tank where you can make your fishes happy?

Bigger Fish Tank Is Easier On Cleaning And Water Changing

As I mentioned above, that the larger water tanks mean the easier water cleaning and water changes. Apart from the stability, it gives you a higher water volume.  10 to 20% water changes every weak or even every second weak after the fish tank is established is enough. 

For fish excrements and food leftovers just use a gravel vacuum or siphon for cleaning and draining. Like there is no need to do a regular or daily basis fish tank cleaning. 

Bigger Fish Tank Gives Bigger Spectrum And Variety Of Decorations

Bigger one also brings more options and alternatives through which you can decorate it.

Live plants are one of the ideal deal as it provides the carbon dioxide to your fishes but wait… if your goal is like to clean after a gap of around two weeks, then don’t prefer it. As it effects on the ecosystem, so make sure that the ideas which you are adopting during the time of decoration do not ruin the stability or your fish tank eco-friendly nature. 

Price Comparison Between Big Fish Tank And Small Fish Tank

One of the main cons of the small fish tank is that it can not be able to make your fish and plants healthy all the time because of the limited space. Read more here about Fish Bowls and how crucial is to keep Fishtank big enough.

So those who think that buying a big tank is costly need to consider this factor seriously. Like if you have a small tank and now you have to make your fish and plants lively then for this all you need to do is to purchase a filter. Sufficient Bio Filter price for 20 gallon fish tank starts from – 15 USD – see what Amazon has to offer.  So instead of spending a huge amount on the filter is not it reliable to buy a large 50 gallon fish tank (quick price check at Amazon) that gives you a surety to make your fish and plants safe and secure from any mishap, hurdles, or ecological issues. 

Other Benefits To Buy Big Fish Tank

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are some other benefits which you can enjoy in big tank fish. Some of the main benefits are listed below.

Make Your Fishes Safe From Toxins

In larger tanks, there are fewer ammonia problems. Like in small tanks where the fishes live in a crowded way, means to produce more ammonia from the fish, this also happens because in small tanks you need a high volume of water, whereas, in big fish tanks, you need a smaller liquid volume.

Control Agresivity In Your Fish Tank

Have you ever noticed or see how the fishes fight? If not, then you can see this live at your home if you have a small tank. I do not know how many of you guys are aware of this fact, but fishes also have an aggressive nature. Yes, it is true. Like the fight for their territory in case if you have a small fish tank and you buy two BETTA FISHES then there you can see the live fight show. They both will fight until one of them dies. 

So this is also one of the major disadvantages of having a small fish tank. To overcome this,  a big fish tank allows fishes to swim freely, so through this, they can ignore the other ones and live in peace.

More Variety And Adding Capacity

Small fish tanks are limited and restricted. You cannot add many decorative textures, and different colors of plants in your tank, whereas, the big fish tank allows you space where you can add the different types of plant variety and make your tank more attractive and organized. 

No restriction Of Picking The Fishes

In the big fish tank, there is no restriction or like choice, limitation to pick the fish. Whereas, on the other hand, in the mini or small tank or even Fishbowl, the choices are limited. Like in small fish tanks, the common choices of fishes are including.

GUPPY  – as they are small and tolerant

PLATY – as they are adaptable and bright

BLOODFIN TETRA – adaptable in cool water

ZEBRA DANIO – fairly well and tolerable

WHITE CLOUD – as these fishes are hardy and adaptable

Bigger Fish Tank Offers Breeding Friendly Environment

Large fish tanks allow fishes to reproduce mannerly. Some spectacular fishes like ANGEL FISH demand a lot of space to reproduce which they can not find it in small fish tanks.

Like the female will just simply lay their eggs on the surface and, the male will fertilize those eggs, and then after few weeks, the fish babies will appear so this entire process demands a space which you can only have it in a larger tank. 

So in short, buying a big fish tank is worthy as compared to the small fish tanks plus the maintenance is also effective and easy to tackle. 

Bigger Fish Tank Allows Easier Switch From Freshwater Setup to Saltwater

Well, switching is not a big deal. But yes having fishes according to the nature of your setup that matters. As this is what all I said earlier that if you have space, then you can do anything like switching is not a tough job but yes if your space is limited then, of course, you will face difficulties to switch.

Bigger Fish Tank Wrap Up

You got enough awareness that why the big fish tanks are better than the small fish tanks and how easily you can maintain your bigger fish tanks without any hurdles. 

So if you are a new potential fishkeeper then make sure that you are picking the right size, shape, and the choice of fish according to your desire. In case I helped you with considering the bigger/right size of your new fish tank. Also make sure that you know, Where to place your fish tank at home, read here.

Happy Fishkeeping and Welcome on board.

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