Where to place fish tank at home?


A fish tank is a nice addition to contemporary interiors. Aquarium enthusiasts know perfectly well that, no matter if it is a saltwater aquarium or freshwater, it represents a true tableau vivant! That’s why having one is a real pleasure!

Where to place a fish tank at home? The quiet, dark place is the best place to place a fish tank. Avoid places near a window, direct light would encourage algae and potentially increase temperature. Avoid also sources of significant noise (television, sound system) or locations near an incessant crossing point – very stressful for fish. Finally, avoid installing a fish tank near a heater or radiator.

We are going to present you with good and interesting places to place an aquarium to make the most of this remarkable aesthetic!

If you like aquariums, you may be aware that contemporary designs are becoming more and more massive, requiring a stable, durable and properly sized support. Sometimes, the matching aquarium cabinet is too heavy and cumbersome. To avoid a similar result, you can choose an aquarium to be built into a wall or directly into the furniture. We have selected you several remarkable examples that will inspire us!

Also, many people opt for fish when it comes to putting a pet in the home. If something characterizes an aquarium it is that it provides tranquility; so much so that there are many dentists who have installed one in their clinics to calm the nerves of patients. There is a lot of benefits to fish keeping at home. Definitely, check our post 14 + benefits of fish keeping at home.

An aquarium is a good way to put animals at home, but before going into how and where to do it, it is necessary to leave a record of a truism. The fish are living beings and need care and attention; so if you are not willing to waste a bit of your time with them, it is best to forget and put in place a nice picture with fish.

The good location of your fish tank

When choosing the location, remember that it will be difficult to move the fish tank afterward. An average 25 gallon (95-liter) aquarium, installed and filled, weighs (without furniture) up to almost 300 lbs (150 kg)!

In old buildings, we recommend, before setting up an aquarium, to inquire about the carrying capacity of the floor. Bear in mind that observers will add to the weight of the aquarium! The weight quickly reaches more than 660 lbs (300 kg) on a small surface.

Despite fact that some fish tank stands do have only 4 legs, the whole weight will be distributed in only four points. Larger fish tanks usually come with length supporting stand. It means the weight is distributed evenly and on a bigger surface.

Would not worry about building damage or collapse at all unless you plan a pretty huge fish tank with capacity over 100 gallons of water. In this case, make sure to check competent US building codes in your area or even contact the designer of a house or building you live in, if possible.

As an example let use King size waterbed which weighs up to 2000 lbs ( 910 kg) Add sleeping couple weight. You see that our fish keeping hobby will not be an issue on the matter of weight in residential buildings.

Size/Weight comparison of set and filled fish tank examples


10 gallons (38 l) weight up to   110 lbs   (50 kilograms)

15 gallons (57 l) weight up to   175 lbs    (79 kilograms)

20 gallons (76 l) weight up to 230 lbs (104 kilograms)

25 gallons (95 l) weight up to 295 lbs  (134 kilograms)

30 gallons (114 l) weight up to 360 lbs (163 kilograms)

40 gallons (151 l) weight up to 465 lbs (211 kilograms)

50 gallons (189 l) weight up to 650 lbs (295 kilograms)

weights are approximate and may vary up to + – 10% according to accurate specifications of a fish tank

Quiet places, away from windows, are the ideal locations. The sunlight that passes through the windows promotes the growth of algae. In addition, the fish get in the way because, for them, the top is simply the place where the light and oxygen comes from.

Fish Tank is better to set in a dark corner of the room, and the fish will be less often frightened by people passing quickly in front, through doors that open, etc.

If you do not want to put the aquarium on a piece of furniture, you need proper support. It must be solid and perfectly horizontal. Use a bubble level for this purpose. Under the aquarium, it is necessary to put security support or thermal insulation to avoid any tension in the glass.

Before setting up your aquarium

An aquarium is beautiful, it cannot be denied. It causes certain hypnotism to see those colorful fish that swim in its small artificial reef; it is a picture of a continuous movement that gives peaceful and silent life to any environment.

But we are talking about having living beings in a reduced environment, so we must have certain previous care. Before placing the fish, you have to filter the water for fifteen days and make the necessary adjustments to lighting and heating.

Remember to treat the tap water with anti chloride and conditioners, and when choosing the fish in the store, look for those that look healthy, and ask the seller which species are compatible and which are not.

And then, although it seems obvious, remember to feed them following the guidelines of experts, and to renew 20% of the water every 10 or 15 days.

Perfect places to place your aquarium

Aquarium house as a space separator

The separation aquarium is a type of modern partition that plays the dual role of part separation and it is a remarkable decorative element. The aquarium placed between the dining area and the lounge area will bring freshness and aesthetics to space.

One can choose from a wide variety of models such as wide and narrow, wide and tall, from the ceiling to the floor, or small – used as an eye-catching accent.

Beautiful Kitchen Island of modern design with a built-in aquarium

This impressive aquarium represents a large kitchen island very original and functional. The ideal example of optimal space utilization!

You can choose between a model that takes all the available space or a smaller insert aquarium, which occupies a small part of the island.

To subdivide an environment

If there is a room that is too large, it can be subdivided without the need to walk by lifting walls or placing partitions.

A large aquarium provides the solution with several results: it is easy to install, separates the environments without cutting the passage, and visually, it is much more beautiful than an anodyne wall. In this case, the structure was covered by small mosaics, and it is striking that the aquarium is presented in the form of an inclined oval, an avant-garde touch in an innovative design.

To decorate the living room

In general, people tend to place their aquariums in the living room. It is not a bad choice, because it causes a nice impact on visits, and becomes a relaxing point while you are talking, having a drink or reading in solitude.

It is not always necessary to place the aquarium embedded in a wall. Alternatives can be proposed, such as this idea from Aquarium structural design pros, which has assembled the structure under the staircase and supported by two interlaced glass plates.

In this way, the aquarium – which seems to float in the air – fills a hole that would have been wasted in the room.

Aquarium house built in kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets often occupy the entire ceiling space on the floor, while space between the lower and upper modules is provided for shelves and worktops.

But, why not use this space to build a spectacular aquarium? This one, shown in the picture, represents an ideal example of the optimization of the functional space and the modern 2 in 1 aesthetics.

Aquarium house and coffee table 2 in 1

If you find stylish the idea of a kitchen island with a built-in aquarium, then you will fall in love with the idea of an aquarium coffee table! The 4 Fish Tank coffee tables with built-in aquariums are available in various shapes and sizes.

The thick transparent glass gives you the opportunity to enjoy fish dances and remarkable colors of corals.

Luxury bedroom with large aquarium above the headboard

Whо nееdѕ a hеаdbоаrd, іf thеrе іѕ a ѕресtасulаr aquarium mоuntеd аbоvе thе bed?

Symbol оf luxury and glamour, such an aquarium will bring the exotic touch inside. If you prefer, keep your headboard and install a small home aquarium as a “living” wall decoration.

Modern aquarium built directly into the furniture

You can invest in a unique aquarium directly embedded in the furniture. One such example is this original storage cabinet – the aquarium is mounted centrally, so it is put under the spotlight and it is surrounded by several books and decorative items.

One more remarkable idea is this functional column clock with a tall and narrow built-in aquarium.

If you want to renovate the old piano, do not hesitate – the following idea is right for you. A built-in aquarium is an answer to your questions. Build a beautiful aquarium in the piano that will be eye-catching throughout the home.

To grant another presence to a wall

The walls that divide environments can be a good place to place an aquarium, but bearing in mind that its structure is adequate so that the fish tank does not have to bear an excessive load that could compromise its existence.

An interesting alternative is the one that has been raised in this Sheffield restaurant: the aquarium divides an environment from the rest of the room, to grant privacy and, in passing, a visual gift to the occupants.

In addition, the excellent idea is to place 50 jellyfish, which, being transparent, reflect the surrounding lights and become impressive beings that change color and give the place an exotic visual.

To give life to the environments

Put an aquarium in the bathroom? Yes, and the idea is very successful at several points. The bathroom is a place that requires privacy, and also relaxation.

And the peaceful image of the fish swimming helps a lot. Also, if it is the place where the water is used most, it is not strange that there is a place to place the fish tank there.

This small habitat was assembled in a house that has aquariums in various environments. Surely it is a devotee of the aquarium, who does not miss the opportunity to have a free space to show their little pets.

How to fill gaps with a fish tank?

It is the space in which very few people would think to mount an aquarium, but nevertheless, it is an excellent idea: the structure of the fish tank is in the triangle that is formed between the wall and the climbing staircase.

The structure of cast iron and glass allows resisting the weight of the staircase, and of the people who will use it at all times.

The discreet blue lighting gives it a quota of elegance, and despite its complex design, the builders have placed a small door on top to feed the fish and change the water without problems.

How to bring a touch of nature to the house using an aquarium?

The living room is modern, elegant, and it is not too cold, due to the presence of wood.

But it seems that it lacks a little more life, of dynamism. And that can be provided by the aquarium, with its constellation of multicolored fish that come and go. The lighting of the aquarium can be a good point of the decoration, where the blue and dim lights make the cabin attract the views, but without being annoying.

If lamps are placed nearby, it is necessary to avoid that the spotlights go directly to the tank, which will disturb the fish.

And put to talk about discomfort, under any point of view you have to do the foolish thing to be hitting the glass to get the attention of the fish: none of them will be looking like a dog, on the contrary, it will take you to a Stressed by feeling strange impacts and from which barely has escape.

Aquarium house to place in a visible place for all

Finally, you can install your aquarium in a visible place for everyone. A similar example is a spectacular aquarium, mounted in the railing, on the upper level of this loft.

So, everyone in the basement, looking up, can see the fish swimming. A wonderful and extraordinary alternative to the usual railings!

Where do not put your fish tank or places to avoid

If possible, avoid installing the aquarium near a window: direct light would encourage algae. The sun can also increase the temperature of the aquarium significantly. Avoid also sources of significant noise (television, sound system) or locations near an incessant crossing point, very stressful for fish.
Finally, avoid installing an aquarium near a heater or radiator.

An outstanding example of a place where you should not install your fish tanks.

Definitely the fence solution of this guy from Turkey in Europe is interesting, but… For sure there is no need to worry about cold weather. So his fishes not going to freeze to death at least. On another hand, I hope this fellow maintains his relationship with neighbors thoroughly, to keep his tanks in one piece. What do you think guys, is this fish tank fence wise idea? Would you decorate and protect your property with a saltwater fish tank?

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