How Much Should I Feed My Freshwater Fish

How Much Should I Feed My Freshwater Fish_Fishkeepup_com

Well as someone who is a fish lover and owns more than one goldfish, I know this is a question that used to bother me. Well, fear no more cause in this article ill be helping you answer just that.

How Much Should I Feed My Freshwater Fish? Most fish do well on one feeding per day, which means most fish require 16 to 24 hours to fully digest the food. Some fish keepers prefer to feed fish lightly twice per day. Warmer water quickens fish digestion. Food sorts may vary on whether the fish is a fresh or saltwater fish. Educate your self or visit your pet store before acquiring the fish and bringing it home.

With everything we have said we assume now that you know. I am gonna break down all you need to know in clear and simple subtopics.

Basic Fish Feeding Methods 

The fish sustenance segment at the pet store can be overpowering to a beginner proprietor. To make this much easier become familiar with your fish, beginning with whether the species are meat-eaters or herbivores. From that point, alternatives to browse include: 

Dry Fish Food:

When you consider fish sustenance, you consider chips. That is the most widely recognized alternative for nourishing a tankful of fish, yet dry fish sustenance additionally comes in granules, pellets, sinking, and skimming assortments, just as choices for explicit species.

Dry fish sustenance can be lower in fiber, yet adding vegetable nourishment to the tank will help lessen the danger of swim bladder issues and swelling. 

Frozen Fish Food:

Some fish will appreciate solidified sustenance, for example, shrimp, bloodworms, microscopic fish, prawn, krill, or mussels.

Abstain from nourishing beef to a flesh-eating fish, as it is difficult for them to process. Pet stores frequently likewise sell solidified vegetables and spirulina that are intended for fish tanks. 

Live Fish Food:

Options incorporate live shrimp, feeder fish (for bigger meat-eating fish), and worms. 


If your fish are the sort to crunch on aquarium plants, give them greens. Alternatives incorporate lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, and spinach. Clasp the greens to the side of the tank or affix them up close to the substrate, yet evacuate or supplant the uneaten vegetables within 24 hours.

What Are Best Feeds For My Aquarium Fish

Next, I will help you out with some of the best food to feed your freshwater tank fish, but before we continue it is important for a fish owner to know what exactly the food he or she is getting contains. Now that this is cleared let’s move on to our list and note as there a large variety of excellent food for fish I will only mention 4.

TetraMin Tropical Flakes: 

It comes in a few sizes, so you can take your pick. As the name says, this is best for tropical freshwater fish, see sizes and price range on Amazon.

The TetraMin likewise contains the protected ProCare mix: Omega-3 unsaturated fat so your fish gets sound fat and they can become greater and have more vitality, different fixings that lift their resistant framework, and biotin to improve their digestion.

New Life Spectrum Thera-A Medium 2mm: 

You’re in an ideal situation purchasing the 500 gram holder (500g Amazon link), the 250-gram (250g Amazon link) compartment is excessively costly. There are additionally other pellet sizes beside 2mm. 

New Life Spectrum (NLS) is likewise very respected in the business, and their items contain garlic with loads of anti-parasitic ingredients.

TetraVeggie Algae Wafers:

This is a sinking wafer feed for tropical scavengers, and they contain vegetable supplements just as the ProCare mix. 

The pocket pack can stand up and is resealable as well. 

These are intended for herbivore angles, for example, goldfish, plecos, and corydoras catfish. Amazon offer endless options, find the right one for you link to Amazon

Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flake:

This is fish drop food for ordinary nourishing, and it contains high amounts of crude protein from spirulina. It’s intended for fresh and saltwater fish that require regular protein intake. It likewise has loads of significant nutrients and amino acids. 

This is intended for lots of fish types, both fresh and saltwater, for more info check options and price range here Amazon

How Long Can Freshwater Fish Survive Without Food?

Assuming now that you know of fish feeding techniques and have an idea on some of the best feeds for freshwater fish, your next question would most likely be; how long can freshwater fish survive without food.

Well, we are going to discuss that, but you should always have it at the back of your head that that freshwater fish, for example, a goldfish tend to be fragile so you should not go for long periods without feeding them. But in the off-chance that you forget to feed them, these are some of the things that could happen:

After 1 day of not feeding 

  • things will still be ok, but they will start to look around the aquarium for leftovers.
  • In some cases a one-day feeding diet is usually advised as it helps clean their digestive systems clean, it also helps in making the fish tank clean and keeps the water parameters stable.

This situation might happen if you forgot to feed them or if you ran out of food so to prevent this types of mistakes make sure to always restock on feed and you could attach sticky notes reminding you to feed your fish to your fridge or somewhere visible in the house as this will make it easier to remember 🙂

After about 2-3 days without food

  •  the food you should start noticing that the tank is much cleaner than normal now
  • you will also notice that your plants will have a few missing parts generally well even though this is really dependent on the breed of the fish and your fish might be more active now that they are really hungry as they would be restless in search of food.

This can usually happen when you were meant to go for a one-day business but something unexpected came up and you had to stay longer, in this kind of scenario you should seek help from neighbors to feed or check up on your fish.

After about 5 days without food

  •  your plants would probably have disappeared completely
  • fish will most definitely start eating themselves depending on the breed.

This can happen if you go on holiday and forget about your fish at home.

After more than 5 days without eating

  •  this gets hazardous, you will most likely find less fish in the tank this would be due to cannibalism at this point you should be ready for disaster cause you might not know what you will see when you get back. This also depends on the size of the tank though as the bigger the tank the lower the risk of death and more things will be preserved this would lead to fewer losses.
  • At this point, for instance, goldfish in a bowl, it might be dead already. Thus it is preferable to get larger tanks. Check other pros for Bigger fish tank here.

The only way to solve this would be to seek out help which might ruin your holidays. 

Now that you know about how long your fish can go without food a few more tips on how to take care of your tank fish.

Can Water Temperature Change Fish Feeding Habits?

Fish are unfit to regulate their body temperature, so they are affected by the temperature around them.

In the event that the water is warm, fish digestion quickens, feeding and respiration increase and there is a general increment in movement.

On the off chance that the water is cooler, fish become lazy and will, in general, be dormant. Notwithstanding, this is likewise valid for other water animals, for example, the bugs that some fish eat, and certain fishes have adjusted to this reality by specializing it in slower sorts of prey.

This is the reason bass and carp angling is done in winter.

As a rule, be that as it may, most kinds of fish lean toward quicker prey and are increasingly dynamic in hotter water.

Can I overfeed my Fish Tank Fish?

In the event that you overfeed your fish, the impacts may not be obvious at first. It is a legend that fish will blow-up from eating excessively, so you do not need to stress over that.

In any case, there are other wellbeing concerns related to overfeeding. 

It is workable for some fish species to build up a greasy liver infection (hepatic lipidosis). Overfeeding can likewise stress fish and cause them to experience fin rot.

Overfeeding can lead to poor water quality, which can poison your fish and/or stress their immune system so that they are more vulnerable to parasites and diseases.

Overfeeding can also lead to bloating, which can kill fish if left untreated. Question If you Can make your fish obese is answered more deeply here, check the link.

Is There A Best Time During Day To Feed Fish in Fish Tank?

Another thing to note is that there is not a most favorable time of the day to feed fish you could feed them anytime during the day when they are awake (i.e., not when they just woke up in the morning, and not right before lights out).

How to easily find out, if and when fish in fish tank sleep, see this post.

They will adjust to the schedule. I myself feed mine whenever it is that I wake up in the morning.

The more important thing is to not overfeed them. Many experienced fishkeepers only feed their fish once a day and will fast their fish one day every week. They only feed their fish what they can eat in a couple of minutes. A hungry fish is a healthy fish.

Most fish just require a once-a-day sustaining, however, few people like to part it into two littler feedings. Counsel your veterinarian or the fish specialists at your nearby aquarium to find out about the everyday prerequisites for your specific breed.

In any case, know that a fish will eat notwithstanding when it is not eager. So there is no point feeding your fish tank friends three times each day.

Every Fish Breed Need Different Food

Some food is breed-explicit. Different sorts depend on whether the fish is a fresh or saltwater fish. Some fish even eat live nourishment (e.g., worms, shrimp, and natural product flies), so try to get this data before acquiring the fish and bringing it home.

Despite the kind of nourishment, fish, much like different creatures, require day by day supplements, for example, nutrients, minerals, and protein.

Once more, counsel your veterinarian or the fish specialists at your nearby aquarium to best satisfy these requirements for your pet fish.

Why Are My Fish Not Eating?

Lastly, it is good to notice that some of the time, when you get a new fish and place them in their aquarium, you will see they will not eat.

This happens on the grounds that they are under stress, because of the huge and sudden change in their condition.

This response is ordinary and for the most part will settle without any exterior interference, when the new occupant of the aquarium acclimatizes to its new territory. 

On the off chance that you notice that following a couple of hours they are still not eating, maybe the issue is because of an inadequacy in the aquarium. You could have likewise mistakenly chosen a pet fish unsuited to your microclimate.

Wrap up:

I hope that now you have learned, how to and how not to feed your fish you are now ready to take care of your own pet fish unless you own one or more already in which case you can now take better care of them.

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